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Pampa ISD is contemplating changing the configuration of schools to grade level campuses. 

The topic of conversation across our district, especially at the elementary level, has been about grade level school configuration.  Our Board voted to table the discussion on the district’s proposed plan to move to grade level campuses until the January 2022 Board meeting. If the Board chooses to proceed, the proposal for the 2022-2023 school year would be to do the following:

•    Move Bright Beginnings, Head Start, and Pre-K students to Wilson

•    All Kindergarten and 1st grade students would be at Lamar

•    All 2nd and 3rd grade students would be at Austin

•    All 4th and 5th grade students would be at Travis.  

This would be a big shift from our traditional neighborhood elementary schools.  The ‘why’ behind the shift began most recently in July of 2020 when our Board asked the Administration to research and solicit feedback on the grade level configuration option.  A Task Force was developed in August 2020 and presented their findings to the Board in January 2021.  Strategic Planning began for the district in February 2021, and the grade level configuration was again discussed.  In June of 2021, the Board approved the Strategic Goals presented from the Strategic Planning Committee, composed of over 75 administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community stakeholders.  The three goals explain the ‘why’ behind the shift:
1. We will design aligned PK-12 programs to create a competitive, successful, and unified educational experience for all.
2. We will invest in innovative schools.
3. We will foster an actively engaged, unified community culture in the relentless pursuit of our vision.

We are in the process of updating our website to include information from the Strategic Planning process.  The Board will reconsider the option of moving to grade level campuses for 2022-2023 at the January Board meeting. 

We sincerely want to ensure that information is shared and questions are answered.  As a district, we are developing a "Frequently Asked Questions" page on our website to post commonly asked questions.  

What questions or feedback do you have in regard to the proposed elementary school configuration?

Elementary School Reconfiguration Questions
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