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Digital and Cyber Security


                                   Digital and Cyber Security                              

Lightspeed Web Filter monitors key words and phrases to alert personnel of inappropriate searches such as violence, drugs, suicide, etc. – Notifications are sent when users access blocked sites and perform suspicious searches. Filters over 4,000 users.

Gaggle monitoring of student Google drive, human monitoring and notification to Pampa ISD staff of 
inappropriate words, phrases, and harmful situations. This service monitors 1,786 secondary students.

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Security and Compliance monitor key words from a universal list of inappropriate words  and phrases for staff and student emails.This service monitors over 4,000 accounts.

Sophos offers anti-virus and malicious website protection, and protects 2,725 active staff, student 
and district devices.

STOPit is an anonymous anti-bullying reporting mobile device app. It is available to over 3,500 
Pampa ISD students and their families.

Dual Firewall Protection through Pampa ISD and Region 16 prevents unauthorized access to the 
school network.

Digital Safety and Citizenship is taught through curriculum in K-8 and is embedded into digital 
projects throughout a student’s K-12 academic experience.

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