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Message From The Superintendent

Posted Date: 05/25/2021

Message From The Superintendent

Pampa ISD is aware of a report that appeared on the local news about a former student. We are saddened by the report, as Pampa ISD does not agree that it accurately reflects the circumstances surrounding the services the student received from the District. The District’s actions were reported in this story without appropriate context or consideration of all the surrounding circumstances. At all times, the District staff acted in a manner we believe was in the best interest and safety of all students, including the student in question, and staff. No student was ever harmed and parents are informed of all actions taken with their children. This practice was and is consistently followed. After obtaining parent consent, the District agreed to answer questions about the matter that was the subject of the news story, and the school's special education program in general. However, the story failed to include the District’s explanation and response to this specific matter. It is disappointing that our local news media would proceed without providing the full story.

As noted in the report, the Texas Education Agency conducted an investigation based on a complaint filed on behalf of the student who was the subject of the report. That investigation resulted in no findings of noncompliance against the District and a determination that no corrective action or compensatory services were necessary for the student. Regardless of a student’s individual circumstances, Pampa ISD is committed to providing every student an opportunity to be successful in a safe learning environment. We continually assess and improve our practices in our commitment to meet this expectation, and expressly note that our teachers and support staff alike are fully committed to this mission. We appreciate the support of all our staff and parents.

Thank you,

Tanya Larkin, Superintendent


Published on 10/31/2019

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