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Pampa ISD Serving Others

Posted Date: 11/15/2023

Pampa ISD Serving Others

When Astrid, a student at Travis Elementary, got off the bus last Thursday, she noticed something wasn’t quite right with another student who was looking lost.

As it turned out, her classmate was VERY lost. She was a new student in Pampa, accidentally stepped off at the wrong bus stop, and unable to speak English.

As Astrid began checking on her, she recognized the language barrier and began using Google Translate to help calm the student to learn her needs. Astrid stopped the bus, explained the classmate’s predicament to the driver, and helped everyone get safely home!

Because of Astrid’s extraordinary kindness and resourcefulness, she will skip all 14 punches on her PBIS compliment card, and receive a Golden Ticket to the 9-Week Silent DJ Party in December!

Harvesters SERVE OTHERS!