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Pampa High School Statement on Social Media Threat

Posted Date: 11/06/2023

Pampa High School Statement on Social Media Threat

For Immediate Release 

On Monday, November 6th, Pampa High School administrators were notified of a threat that came to a student through the social media platform Snapchat. Pampa ISD takes every threat seriously and immediately initiated an investigation and informed local authorities. 

To ensure the safety of all students and staff, a “secure hold” was initiated, and no one was allowed to enter or exit the school. If a parent or guardian needed to pick up their child, they were able to call the school office, and their student was escorted safely from the building. There was an increased presence of law enforcement on the campus to assist administrators during dismissal.

All Pampa High School facilities were in a “secure hold” until it was determined that a safe and controlled dismissal was in the best interest of our students and staff. This early dismissal allowed local law enforcement to continue their investigation while ensuring the safety of our students and staff. The early dismissal began at 12:10 p.m. with Pampa High School buses running their regular routes beginning at 12:45 p.m.

This incident was isolated to the high school. All other campuses were not included in this threat and continued normal daily operations and safety procedures. 

With the assistance of Pampa ISD, the Pampa Police Department has identified a suspect in this incident. There is no longer an active threat and regular school operations will resume on Tuesday.

Superintendent, Hugh Piatt, said, “We want to thank the incredible officers and detectives with the Pampa Police Department and our Pampa ISD administrators for their quick response to protect students and staff. We are blessed to have such qualified people serving our community.”