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Pampa ISD COVID-19 Update #34-May 7, 2020

Posted Date: 05/27/2021

Pampa ISD COVID-19 Update #34-May 7, 2020

Good evening Pampa Students and Families!


Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement to our teachers and staff this week.  Now more than ever we understand how important our teachers are in the lives of our students.  In addition, we know that the parents are also teachers—in fact—they are their child’s first teacher.  We appreciate the partnerships and relationships we have formed through this crisis and believe that we are #strongertogether!


Celebrate our Nurses!


We also want to take just a moment to celebrate our Nurses.  This week is also National Nurses Appreciation Week!  Their role and the importance of their work has also become even more valued because of the covid-19 crisis.  Please join us in showing our appreciation for their work and sacrifices as they serve the neediest on the front lines!


Honor Graduates Receive the Anderson Scholarship


The Eugene and Daniela Anderson Scholarship Foundation was established in 2000 to assist students to obtain higher education.  Since that time, the Foundation has awarded 71 Scholarships valued at over $1,310,000.  The Foundation has advised students at Pampa High School, who would hope to become Anderson Scholars and benefit from the Anderson Scholarship Foundation, that they must achieve high academic standards, contribute positively to their school and community, and demonstrate financial need.  Information about ASF Scholarships may be obtained at the PHS Student Counsellors’ office.


The late Eugene (Gene) Anderson is a 1956 graduate of Pampa High School, Pampa, Texas, and a member of the PHS Hall of Fame.  He is the founder of the Eugene and Daniela Anderson Scholarship Foundation. His wife, Daniella Anderson, is now the President of the scholarship foundation.   Mr. Anderson is a 1961 graduate of the University of Texas where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a 1963 graduate of Harvard University where he received a Master of Business Administration degree.  In his business career, he was an investor and held several senior international management positions.


Please join me in celebrating the following members of the Class of 2020 on their accomplishments and for receiving the scholarship:


Avery Sprinkle ($20,000)


Taylor Jefferies ($20,000)


Cooper Trolinger ($20,000)


Student Ambassador Applications Now Being Accepted!


The Superintendent Student Ambassadors is a group of students in grades 5-12 that work directly with the Superintendent on various service projects throughout the year as well as attending leadership classes led by the Superintendent.  All incoming 5th-12th grade students are eligible to apply.  The application details are at the link below.  All applications are due no later than May 15th!


Student Ambassador Application-Due May 15



Class of 2020 Graduation and Events Update


The following plans are tentative and are still pending approval from our legal counsel and local authorities.  Please know that we want to provide everyone with information, but the details are subject to change and this is out of our control.  We greatly appreciate the students and parents who have completed the multiple surveys to provide us with input and feedback on these plans.  We are #inthistogether!


Class of 2020 Graduation and EOY Events Updated May 7, 2020


April 24-continued

  • Set up donation for Light Pole Senior Picture Banners (in collaboration with City of Pampa—THANK YOU Pampa!)
  • Banners will be hung and displayed during May and June.Banners will be removed for seniors to receive theirs at the June 27 Graduation ceremony.

May 4-23

  • Social Media and Print Media campaign to recognize and celebrate the Honor Graduates of the Class of 2020 (Top 10%; Val, Sal, Superintendent Scholars, Associate’s Degree completers, and Eugene Anderson Scholarship Winners)
  • All PHS class awards and scholarships will be communicated through the Pampa News

May 7

  • The Pampa News (in partnership with local businesses) purchased Senior Yard signs for all of the Class of 2020.These will be available beginning May 7th for curbside pick-up at the Pampa News

May 17

  • Vespers at MK Brown Parking Lot at 4:00pm
  • One vehicle per senior (no more than 5 family members from the same household) is allowed
  • No one is allowed out of their cars
  • Limited participants will be on the platform leading the Vespers ceremony
  • The ceremony will be heard on the radio
  • Programs will be provided (3 per car)

May 18, 19, and 20






(This Hybrid plan is under review by legal counsel and is up for approval from the Gray County COVID-19 Task Force)

  • Senior Walk Video Appointments at Harvester Field (details and instructions below):
  • The graduate and their immediate family members (no more than 5) will arrive in their vehicle. They will be instructed to park in a designated spot. They will remain in their vehicle until told otherwise. While in their vehicle, they will each be screened for the symptoms of COVID-19, as prescribed in the aforementioned TEA document. No one displaying any of the eleven symptoms of COVID-19 will be allowed to participate. All school employees at this station will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • Once all participants have been screened, the family group will be led to a staging area. All family members will remain in the staging area together and will be at least 25 feet away from others throughout the entire process. A school employee will ensure that the graduate is in their cap and gown and meet district dress code requirements. Graduates will receive any regalia they earned from a school employee who will be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Participants will then move to the third station where graduates will receive any scholarships or awards they have earned, again from a school employee wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Finally, participants will move to the stage. A school employee will announce the name of the graduate as they walk the stage and receive their diploma cover from the principal. All diploma covers will be sanitized prior to distribution. The principal will be the only person handling the diploma covers and he will sanitize his hands after touching each diploma cover.


  • Once the video and pictures have been taken, the family members will exit Harvester Field out a side gate, separate from where they entered.
  • Participation by a student or family member in the ceremony is voluntary and is not required or compelled by the school.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the field.
  • School employees will be limited to the minimum number needed to logistically support the event.
  • A link to the compilation graduation video will be made available to members of the Class of 2020 by June 1.



May 23





(This Parade plan is under review by legal counsel and is up for approval from the Gray County COVID-19 Task Force)


We are unable to hold a traditional face-to-face graduation ceremony before May 29 as per Gov. Abbott’s Executive Order. If our county had less than 5 active COVID-19 cases 7 days prior to May 23, then we would qualify for a traditional graduation with restrictions. Sadly, we do not.

  • Senior Graduation Parade (Details and Instructions Below)
  • The graduate and their immediate family members will arrive in their vehicle.They will be instructed to park in a designated spot.They will remain in their vehicle.While in their vehicle, they will each be screened for the symptoms of COVID-19, as prescribed in the aforementioned TEA document.Anyone displaying any of the eleven symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to participate.
  • Each vehicle will be given three graduation programs.
  • All school employees at this station will be wearing masks and gloves as mandated for safety.
  • Once all participants have arrived and have been screened, the parade will begin (appx 9:00am).
  • Each graduate will be able to appropriately decorate their vehicle and even their graduation cap, if they desire.All decorations must be completed before being staged for the parade.
  • Only cars and pick-up trucks will be allowed.Due to the volume of participants (240+) we need to limit this to one car/pickup per graduate.Other vehicles, trailers, ATV’s, floats, etc. will not be permitted to participate in the parade.
  • The parade route will be determined with the support of the City of Pampa and will hopefully include many of the light poles that will soon have banners highlighting our wonderful seniors.
  • The parade will conclude at PHS.We will again park vehicles in assigned spots.
  • At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony on the radio, graduates--and the graduates only- will be allowed to step out of their vehicle, keeping safe social distancing, to throw their cap. We have extra caps so each graduate will be provided a cap to throw. These caps will remain on the ground and will be gathered following safety guidelines and will be bagged up for several days.These caps will be kept for future use by future PHS graduates.
  • We will record this moment with video from a drone and with pictures. Graduates will then retrieve their cap, get back in their vehicle, and leave in an orderly fashion.
  • We will have school personnel and local law enforcement present to ensure the safety of all participants and that social distancing measures are practiced.
  • Participation by a student or family member in the parade is voluntary and is not required or compelled by the school.School employees will be limited to the minimum number needed to logistically support the event.

June 1

  • Seniors can pick up their diploma’s from the PHS Counselor’s office (we will communicate procedures for this as we get closer to June 1).
  • Seniors may also request a transcript to be pick up at this time as well.Call 806-669-4800 for information on how to request a transcript.
  • Link of Senior Walk Video will be published on PISD YouTube channel.

June 27

  • We have scheduled the Class of 2020 Commencement ceremony to take place at 9:00 am at Harvester Field.Details and restrictions for this event will be forthcoming and will be aligned with executive orders from both the state and local authorities.Our goal is to be able to have this traditional ceremony with as little restrictions as possible.The conditions in our county and in the state will determine those restrictions.


  • PROM 2020 has also been postponed until June 27 at 7:00pm.The location has not yet been determined.As of today, our campuses are still closed per the Governor’s orders.We hope that by this time in June, some of the restrictions will be lifted.Again, we will provide more information and guidance as those become available from the Governor’s office and local authorities. According to the Gov. Executive Orders on May5, 2020 indoor, face-to-face ceremonies or events are not permissible at this time for schools.



Please know that all of these plans are subject to change due to availability of locations, materials, and the flexibility allowed under current conditions regarding the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community.  We will continue to share information and details on end of year activities and celebrations as they become available.  For the most up to date information, please continue to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and visit our Updates page on our Website.


As always, we want you to know that we are here for you!  If you have questions or need assistance, please email us at or give us a call at 669-4700.


Published on 05/07/2020

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