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#moments in PISD-Meet Curtis Brown

Posted Date: 05/25/2021

#moments in PISD-Meet Curtis Brown

It is 4:00 am on Monday morning. While most people are still sleeping, Curtis Brown, Pampa ISD Warehouse Manager, is awake and preparing for a busy day. Curtis is on site by 4:45 and ready to meet the weekly food delivery truck.

Curtis has lived in Pampa for almost 40 years and has worked for Pampa ISD for 15 years. He first started with Pampa ISD at Austin Elementary as a custodian.  He has a long history of experience in food management, inventory, and as an amazing cook! You may have enjoyed his cooking if you ever dined at Smokin’ Joes. It did not take long for this experience to ultimately land him the job as the PISD Warehouse Manager.

Curtis and his lovely wife, Ophelia, have been married for 32 years and together they have raised six children. It is obvious when visiting with Curtis that he wants to make a difference in the lives of his own children and those he serves every day. When asked what he loves about his job he said, “The kids. I love helping and serving the kids. I want to do my best for them.” With raising six children, Curtis had some advice to share with PISD students. “Listen to your parents now. Understand that we are trying to help you and want an even better life for you than we had.”

So what does the job of warehouse manager for a school district entail? As with many jobs in the district, Curtis’ days start very early. Mondays are devoted to food management while the rest of the week is filled with organization, inventory management, mail deliveries, food deliveries, furniture deliveries, invoicing, and much, much more! Pampa ISD parents can know that their student’s best interests are taken care of when Curtis manages food inventory and deliveries. To make sure he does not miss a delivery, Curtis goes the extra mile and gives his cell phone number to the delivery truck drivers. Delivery trucks are checked to make sure they are clean. If the truck is not clean, Curtis will not accept the food. Every box of food and produce is opened and checked to make sure that the food we receive is fresh.

Curtis emphasized that he has a great team to work with every day. Rebel Fulton, Child Nutrition Manager, and Karen Barton, Child Nutrition Assistant, work with the warehouse staff to coordinate food inventory and district-wide distribution. Dustin Wright, warehouse employee, assists Curtis in organizing the warehouse and making deliveries. Curtis has trained quite a few employees over the years and he said that Dustin is the best he has ever trained.

What makes Curtis Brown #pampaproud? “The people of Pampa and helping students.” Pampa ISD is proud that we have men and women like Curtis who care about our students and work hard every day to make sure that student’s needs are met. Please join us in thanking Curtis for his hard work!

Chris Brown


Published on 09/06/2019

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