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District Statement

Posted Date: 05/25/2021

District Statement

DATE:     August 12, 2019

FROM:    Tanya Larkin, Pampa ISD Superintendent

As the designated spokesperson and superintendent for the Pampa Independent School District, I am issuing the following statement:


On or about July 8th 2019, it was reported by the Pampa Police Department to the Pampa ISD Administration that the Police Department was investigating a District educator regarding an alleged inappropriate relationship with a District student.  Immediately upon learning of these allegations from law enforcement, the District initiated its own investigation in this matter.  The educator is no longer employed by the District.


The District reported this alleged misconduct to Child Protective Services and notified this educator’s suspected misconduct to the State Board of Educator Certification. The District was advised by Pampa PD that this former educator was arrested August 9, 2019.  The District will continue to cooperate with these agencies as needed, and to the fullest extent permitted by law. 


Student safety and proper professional relationships between staff and students is a top priority to Pampa ISD. The District’s policies concerning improper personal relationships between staff and students are strictly enforced.  Employees receive regular training and warnings regarding proper professional relationships with students. Violations of these District policies are not tolerated.  The administration encourages anyone with information of a suspected improper relationship between a staff member and a student to immediately contact the Superintendent’s office or the Pampa Police Department or other law enforcement.


This is on going criminal matter and state and federal law prohibit the District from disclosing personally identifiable student information, as well as confidential personnel information. Therefore, the District cannot comment further on this matter.  Any further inquiries should be directed to the Pampa Police Department.


Please be assured that the District has taken steps to keep students safe and I am grateful for the prompt response, assistance and cooperation of the Pampa Police Department.


Published on 08/12/2019

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