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Breakfast / Lunch

  • Cafeteria staff will wear face coverings and gloves and will follow all health & safety protocols. -Students will scan their student ID to pay for meals and ala carte items.

-ID is provided by Food and Nutrition.

  • Self-serve counters will be eliminated.
  • Cafeteria staff will build all plates behind clear shields. Students will point to their choices.
  • Students will be encouraged not to share food or drink.
  • "Grab and go" meals and eating in the classroom may be utilized to lower numbers in the cafeterias.

-Meals will be in a disposable pack

-Condiments and pre-wrapped silverware will be included with all meals for students eating in their classrooms.

  • Lunch tables will be spread out across cafeterias to maximize space between groups eating in the cafeteria. Some groups may eat lunch in the classroom depending on class size and available space in the cafeteria.
  • Where possible, students may be grouped together to eat lunch with 12 feet of space in between groups.
  • Plexiglass shields will be used at cashier counters and serving counters.
  • All tables will be sanitized between lunches.
  • Virtual learners will have access to meals. Students/parents will need to contact the campus each day to order and will be required to pick up their meal curbside at their campus.

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