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Health Services

Health and Safety Measures

Infection Control Measures

  • Schools will abide by any Governor Order regarding face coverings (Executive Order, July 2, 2020, everyone age 10 or older in the county with 20 or more active cases is required to wear a face-covering inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of Physical Distancing from another person not in the same household.)
  • Students and staff will be REQUIRED to wear face coverings when they cannot maintain physical distance as well as in hallways and common areas and during arrival and dismissal. Campus-specific requirements will vary based on student age, appropriateness, and context.  Face coverings include cloth masks, gaiters, face shields, or anything else that provides coverage over the nose and mouth.

- Please note that if the number of cases in Pampa and other data points increases past a certain threshold, regardless of a Governor’s Order, face coverings may be required in the future (please see the Phased System of Response for Contagious Disease outlined in this Back To School Plan).

-It is important to note that if students or staff come into “close contact” with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days if they were not wearing a face covering.

  • The physical distancing of at least 6 feet will be encouraged at all times, including 12 feet between cohort groups

where possible (PreK-5th).

- It is important to note that under any scenario where all students are allowed to attend every day, that physical distancing will not be possible as there is not enough square footage in our classrooms or campuses with most students attending daily.

  • Water fountains will be available for filling of water containers only.
  • Staff will work to maintain physical distancing during restroom breaks where possible. All students and staff are

required to wear face coverings when using restrooms.

  • Students and staff are encouraged to provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE will be provided as needed to staff and students.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom, building main entrances, and throughout common spaces.
  • Staff will be expected to regularly wash or sanitize hands.
  • Students will receive instruction on effective hand-washing. Elementary students will wash hands or use

hand sanitizer before eating, following restroom breaks, and after recess.

  • All secondary students will be encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Students, staff, and visitors will be encouraged to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, and if not available, cover in their elbows.
  • Used tissues should be thrown in the trash, hands should be washed immediately with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or hand sanitizer should be used.

Please see the Phased System of Response for Contagious Disease chart that outlines further infection control measures that may be taken in the event of the spread of COVID-19 in PISD found in the Back To School Plan.


Health Screenings

  • Staff will self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming onto campus each day.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms each day prior to sending their students to school.
  • Teachers will monitor students and refer to the nurse if symptoms are present.
  • Visitors will be required to complete health screening to determine if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or have come into close contact with an individual who is lab-confirmed with COVID-19 upon entry into the building  *See Visitors” section for more information.

Please see the Phased System of Response for Contagious Disease chart that outlines further health screening measures that may be taken in the event of the spread of COVID-19 in PISD.

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