Name Position
Baggerman, Heidiimage Adminstrative Assistant
Greer, Taniaimage Director
Name Position
Bowen, Glendaimage Payroll Manager
Longo, Deidraimage Accounts Payable Clerk (M-Z)
Miller, Doriimage Payroll Clerk
Russell, Anitaimage Business Office Manager
Shelton, Jessicaimage Travel Coordinator
Stevens, Lisaimage Accounts Payable Clerk (A-L)
Urrutia, Belindaimage Purchasing Manager
Child Nutrition
Name Position
Barton, Karenimage Menu Specialist
Brown, Curtisimage Warehouse Supervisor
Fulton, Rebelimage Manager
Hernandez, Marivelimage Adminstrative Assistant
Thomas, Shaneimage Warehouse Assistant
Curriculum and Instruction
Name Position
Stadler, Tiffanyimage Elementary Dean of Instruction
Starbuck, Darlaimage PEIMS Coordinator
Stokes, Sandeeimage Administrative Assistant
Facilities and Operations
Name Position
Longo, Michaelimage Custodial Supervisor
Phillips, Mikeimage Locksmith
Quimby, Anitaimage Adminstrative Assistant
Shackelford, Conardimage Maintenance Manager
Family and Community Relations
Name Position
Gee, Charleneimage Family and Community Liaison
Williamson, Janaimage Coordinator
Human Resources
Name Position
Forester, Robertimage Media Production Specialist
Hernandez, Tammyimage District Receptionist/HR Assistant
Maxwell, Nathanimage Executive Director
Pingel, Laurenimage HR Assistant
Williamson, Janaimage Coordinator
Information Technology
Name Position
Baker, Melodyimage Director
Boyd, Dennisimage Network Manager
Crook, Maryimage Technology Specialist
Sanders, Janetimage Adminstrative Assistant
Schaub, Lyssaimage Technology Specialist
Instructional Technolgy
Name Position
Brinkley, Mollyimage Director
Special Programs
Name Position
Furgason, Susanimage Director
Martinez, Aliceimage Adminstrative Assistant
Name Position
Linder, Karenimage Adminstrative Assistant
Name Position
Teague, Dianaimage Adminstrative Assistant
Transportation and Student Services
Name Position
Smith, Stuartimage Director